Is Cruel Winter In The Works?

The G.O.O.D. Music collaboration album Cruel Summer came late summer 2012 and featured the heavy-hitting roster of Pusha-T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and more. At the brains of the multi-headed rap monster was founder of the label Kanye West, who would go on to add verses to 7 of the tracks and contribute production to 8 of them.

Since then, rumors of a sequel project have spiraled around through interviews and tweets. Q-Tip first fueled the speculation¬†in an interview with MTV News, asking fans “If there’s a Cruel Summer, then there’s got to be a Cruel Winter, right?”. The speculation would fall over the next few years-rumors of the project being shelved-with Kid Cudi leaving G.O.O.D. in the meantime. When Pusha-T was promoted to President of G.O.O.D. Music he seemed to bring the project back to the forefront of reality,¬†telling Rolling Stone in an interview that¬†Cruel Winter is “on my mood board. I’m totally on that and I’m going to make that happen. That is a goal of mine and I reach my goals”.

And now the first snippets and evidence of Kanye in the studio have appeared. An Instagram pic with the subtle hashtag #CruelWinter was put up on Fonzworth Bentley’s Instagram. Videos of Kanye and Big Sean in the studio have appeared via Big Sean’s snapchat (bigseansnapped) with new Kanye verses alluding to “hitting the Ye button”. Whatever that button does, we’re ready for it to be slammed on. View the Snapchat videos below.


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