Tommy Genesis, Ye Ali, Wes Period Bring Out the Best on "baby.daddi" EP

I had never listened to Tommy Genesis, Ye Ali or Wes Period before they united as baby.daddi, and I still find it hard to believe that this is the first time the trio has worked together. From the get-go, their debut EP bubbles with chemistry.

Tommy Genesis is best known for her rebellious, sexual lyricism, and her signature sound is certainly not lost on baby.dadii. In fact, her vulgar style is elevated over the dreamy soundscape that Wes Period has built along with fellow producers Chuck Inglish, ESTA, and O.txoa.

Ye Ali, the self-proclaimed “Traphouse Jodeci” also sounds right at home with this collaboration. On the EP’s title track, Ye rides the beat effortlessly, creating a trap-reggae vibe with his smooth delivery.

The third piece to the puzzle, Wes Period, brought the group together through a Craigslist ad. He gained momentum with his single “Champagne Champion,” last year and has been keeping busy since. While producing for baby.dadii, Wes told VICE that he aimed to “shed light on a different side of Tommy and Ye and create a world with them that leaned more towards summertime, poolside vibes.” It’s pretty clear that Wes succeeded in achieving the sound he was aiming for on this EP. His crisp production sets the summer mood, but he also leaves enough room for Ye and Tommy to do their thing.

Baby.daddi shows their true potential on “come get me.” Wes’ kicks and claps are clean on this track, and they’re showcased in the last 45 seconds as Tommy’s vocals play along. It’s the most fun the group has on the entire EP, and it’s a moment that definitely stands out from the noise.

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