Vic Mensa Teams Up with Halsey, Lil B for Pro-LGBT Track, "Free Love"

Hot off of his There’s Alot Going On EP, Vic Mensa continues his raptivism on “Free Love.” In light of the recent Orlando night club massacre, Vic makes it clear that he is fed up with discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual orientation. He also explained his views in the accompanying tweet:

The track itself features vocals from Halsey, who is also known for her pro-LGBT advocacy, and a verse from none other than Lil B. It’s a fiery five-minute anthem, just in time for the Chicago Pride Parade which took place today. Other musicians who shared their sentiments following the Orlando massacre include Frank Ocean, who penned a letter regarding the shooting via Tumblr.

On “Free Love,” Vic Mensa goes into territory most rappers have never been before, reminding us that at the end of the day, “you ain’t gotta flex like you straight, as long as you straight flex.”

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