Chicago's Supa Bwe Puts His Spin on The Internet's "Get Away"

The 3rd installment in Supa Bwe’s Dead Again series has arrived. Dead Again 3 has Chicago written all over it, with high-key features from the likes of Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, and Twista. Supa holds his own on this project, fulfilling the role of rapper, singer, producer and engineer all at the same time.

On “Come Close (Get Away),” Supa reins in on a sound he thrives with, with bass-guitar strums and drowsy melodies making up most of the minimal beat. A remake of The Internet’s song, “Get Away,” Supa’s rendition slows things down and adds a new layer of fuzz to the already distorted track. Check out “Come Close (Get Away)” above and hear the rest of Dead Again 3 on Soundcloud.

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