Kid Cudi Talks Kanye, Drugs & More on Beats 1


Yesterday, Kid Cudi appeared on OTHERtone, a Beats 1 Radio show hosted by Pharrell and music curator Scott Vener. Cudi touched on a number of subjects while on air, most notably meeting Kanye West for the first time, his struggles with drug addiction, and his start in music.

Regarding his early studio sessions with Kanye, Cudi remembers being invited to Hawaii to help record for The Blueprint 3. He breaks down how he came up with the hooks for songs like “Already Home,” which is his only collaboration with Jay Z to date, and “Welcome to Heartbreak,” which appears on Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreak. Despite these early successes though, Kid Cudi asserts that it’s important to stay humble and keep working hard no matter how big you get:

“I just care on a level, on a magnitude, that most people don’t. And I’ve been given the opportunity to be in the room with some people that most people don’t.

Watch a clip from the interview here via Apple music.

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