Reflect with Boston's Mafeni on "Gold Grillz"

Boston’s up and coming music scene stays winning this summer, and thanks to R.J.’s monthly “Boston” Soundcloud playlist, I came across this gem from Mafeni. “Gold Grillz” encapsulates a smooth moment of reflection, scored by swelling trumpets and bright keys.

Currently, there are only 2 tracks on Mafeni’s Soundcloud. On his other song, “Fresh,” the Boston wordsmith focussed on girls and bravado. In contrast, “Gold Grillz” takes on a much more self-reflective approach. You can hear Mafeni recollecting his youth while also becoming uncomplacent with his surroundings and relationships. It’s a perfect soundtrack for those in a transitional phase this summer, whether you’re eager to fade away from home or homesick for the people that know you best.

Keep an eye out for more from Mafeni on his Soundcloud page.


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