See Inside Cousin Stizz’s World on “Where I Came From”

As his Monda mixtape approaches on July 14, Cousin Stizz has shared yet another single and music video. On “Where I Came From,” Stizz gives you an inside look at life in Dorchester, the Boston neighborhood from which he hails from. The swiftly shot video takes you through robberies, cars, and grocery stores, while Stizz ties the story together in between scenes.

His prior singles, “500 Horses” and “Coulda Been,” featured sparse production, and “Where I Came From” follows the same blueprint. These minimal beats allow Stizz’s flow to standout with steady consistency rather than moving at a machine gun pace. As a result, he’s paints a raw picture for listeners and allows us to soak in the ebbs and flows of his own neighborhood.


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