MIA Announces Final Album, Drops "Go Off" Music Video

MIA isn’t one to sit still for very long, and after several threats to leak her own album, it seems her record finally has a release date. On BBC Radio 1, MIA announced that we could expect to hear her album, tentatively titled AIM, on September 9th. That wasn’t the only news she had to share though—MIA also mentioned that AIM would be her final album.

Along with the album announcement, MIA also shared a new single, “Go Off.” Featuring both Skrillex and Blaqstarr, MIA noted that she brought “mad people together” on this project to curate a unique sound. The song still has the marks of an MIA track though, with it’s fusion of EDM, hip-hop, and samples from all over the world. The accompanying music video mainly consists of explosions in the desert, completely void of people. MIA mentioned that this seclusion stood in contrast to her other recent videos such as “Borders,” which featured hundreds of choreographed refugees.

The simplicity of the track itself paired with the mystery behind what exactly the video represents seems a bit unusual for MIA, who’s very upfront about social commentary through her work. However, MIA also mentioned that AIM would be more lighthearted than her previous records, adding, “I just wanted it to be happy, there’s no complaints on it.”

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