Fall In Love With "I Adore You" From Heart Coffin

“I fell in love with a girl” reads Heart Coffin’s scarce bio, as many great novels and films begin and end. But this isn’t about falling in love. Heart Coffin instead depicts what it’s like to tumble in place at your destination. “I Adore You” spins all your potential lovers into a sticky, spinning prom dance in the abyss. There’s no time to check your hair or straighten your tie, your daydream is waiting across the dance floor and the song has already begun.

Placing the listener in the thick of a loving relationship is a heavy introduction, but you’re caressed through out with easy hip sways and Heart Coffin’s distant memos in your ear reminding you if nothing else, you’re adored right now, right here. Space and time be damned.

Listen to the track, as well as the rest of the I Adore You EP below.

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