Bon Iver Teases New Music in "22 Days"

Aside from some high-profile collaborations, Bon Iver has remained quiet about releasing new music. However, this new teaser video posted on the band’s Facebook page hints at something just around the corner:

The band, fronted by Justin Vernon, will take the stage at Eaux Claires Music Festival this August. Following a four year hiatus, Vernon confirmed that Bon Iver will debut new music during their set.

This new animated teaser features a series of mysterious doorways, with what sounds like a new song in the background. Just before vocals emerge, the teaser ends abruptly. While we have yet to hear what’s in store from Bon Iver, Justin Vernon has been keeping busy. Most recently, he showed off his sick dance moves with Francis and the Lights on “Friends.”

Exactly what to expect from Bon Iver remains shrouded in mystery, but hopefully more news will surface over the next #22Days.

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