Watch Kanye's Dark, Disruptive "Wolves" Video

Kanye West never aims to follow a typical format when it comes to music videos, and his Balmain-cosigned “Wolves” video comes as no exception. Alternating between scenes of models, night clubs, and the woods, this black and white narrative focusses on Mr. and Mrs. West finding each other.

Decked-out in Balmain outfits that they previously wore at the MET gala, the West’s are featured with tears streaming down their faces. Vic Mensa and Sia (in her signature wig) also make brief solo appearances. The video matches the song’s somber tone by pairing dark, disruptive imagery with the high fashion world.

Toward the end, the camera cuts to Kimye exiting a party together as paparazzi swarm them. Following up Kanye’s divisive “Famous” video “Wolves” seems to be yet another concentration on the concept of fame. The video closes as Kanye places his hand over the camera lens, as if expressing the complications that come with his family being constantly surrounded.

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