Lindsey Pavao's Dream-Pop Duo, Trophii, Releases Debut Single

4 years ago, singer-songwriter Lindsey Pavao took the stage on NBC’s The Voice and delivered an unexpectedly mesmerizing cover of Trey Songz’ “Say Aah.” As her cooing vocals turned coaches chairs, Pavao turned one of the hottest RnB songs at the time into her own acoustic ballad. In the coming weeks, she continued to surprise with her own renditions of popular songs, sliding through melodies with her unique voice. After Pavao’s elimination, fans she made along the journey yearned to hear more.

4 years later, Lindsey Pavao has reemerged in the form of Trophii—a dream pop duo with producer Richie Smith on board. On their debut single “Itch,” Pavao and Smith scratch the surface of what could be their signature sound. Scored by sparse electronic accents, Pavao’s recognizable voice gets a chance to shine. The airiness in her voice becomes punctuated by bleeping synths that blend and harmonize. A cool guitar solo hits around the 4-minute mark before another level of echoing choir joins in the final hook.

For fans of Lindsey Pavao, Trophii’s debut album Vitamins and Flowers (expected this year) comes as a comforting prospect. Pavao and Smith have laid the foundation to craft something memorable, and hopefully, more from this mysterious duo will surface soon.

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