Three Songs To Save Your Summer

It’s August. You had your fun, beers and “Controlla” all summer long. But school and responsibilities are popping out. Trees are prepping to undress their leaves. Your beer is cold.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. There’s still some fresh Summer juice left to squeeze out, a little juice you left behind. Here are three summer sounds you might have missed out on, to keep summer alive for just a bit.

Klyne – Don’t Stop

The song of summer that should have been. Songs you can dance to are all too common, a song that calls your body to get up, get out, get lit, and demands you keep it going? A little more rare. A duo from the Netherlands, Klyne has an unmatched energy in their sound and a good taste for pacing to keep the dance going. Add in some dreamy Prince-esque vocals, and you’ve got a sleeper hit.

Lil Yachty – King Of Teens

What a year for Lil Boat. The squeaky ducked voice love prodigy of auto-tune and Lil B The Based God, Lil Yachty has builts quite the fanbase for himself and his Sailing Team. He’s used his newfound influence to expand further into his trap roots, but on “King Of Teens”, shows off his melodic abilities. The result is a sun splashed ode to his young fanbase, a flash of skills to his older haters that don’t understand the new-new school. Yeah he’s weird, but he’s climbing the top according to the kids. Listen to the kids.


“Dressed in the same shit I wore yesterday/Yea, still fresh never flexed clichés”, starts BROCKHAMPTON member Ameer Vann. It’s a tired flex, but a tough one on a tough beat. Sirens whooping up, a sizzling bass, and lazy, deep flows bring this track alive and it’s going 12 rounds against your speakers. It’s a brutal, nonsense track inspired by the early Odd Future days. And when fellow BROCKHAMTON-er Merlyn Wood asks “Now who can circumvent us?” you won’t be sure there’s an answer, but you’ll at least know that just slapped.

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