Rapper Michael Christmas and Producer Prefuse 73 Team Up as “Fudge”

Michael Christmas has collaborated with the likes of Logic, Mac Miller, and a plethora of producers on his previous projects. But the Bostonian’s latest endeavor with producer Prefuse 73 (Scott Herren) seems to be his most ambitious partnership yet.

The two artists have come together to form “Fudge,” a brainchild that infuses both of their respective musical strengths. Take Christmas’ humorous, relatable bars with Herren’s glitchy, electronic sounds and you get the duo’s debut singles “Popstar Shit” and “In My Shoes.” In both cases, Herren guides Christmas through numerous beat changes. The duo evolves together, making each new movement of a song feel like a natural extension.

Fudge has been in the works since 2015, and the duo will release their debut album, Lady Parts, on September 9th. As they gear up for the big day, view the tracklist (which includes a feature from D.R.A.M.) here.


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