Chicago's Ric Wilson Stays Positive on "We Love Us"

In a time of high racial tension, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain hope. However, that’s exactly Ric Wilson’s mission on his new track, “We Love Us.” The young Chicago rapper has been building momentum for his upcoming Soul Bounce EP, and this latest single only adds to the excitement.

Creating something socially-conscious but fun to listen to poses a challenge for most artists, but Wilson takes on this challenge with effortless funk and finesse. The track turns into a hometown anthem with help from fellow Chicagoans David Ellis and Daryn Alexus. Wilson’s soul-infused rhyming appears unphased by the subject matter of this track—if anything, he makes sure his words hit even harder. He tweeted, “I wrote this thinking about how we live in an anti-black world & are taught to hate us,” and his message couldn’t come across more clear once you hit play.


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