Get Hooked on Nick Gray's "Jugglin"

If you ever find yourself searching for a consistent batch of new hip-hop artists, look no further than RJ Rescigno’s monthly Boston playlists. This Soundcloud series focusses on the best new artists out of the Boston hip-hop scene and has led me to discover some new favorites. Which brings me to this post:

“Jugglin” is just the type of song that sticks in your head after the first listen but not annoyingly so. In fact, you might find yourself humming its hook throughout the day with a smile still on your face. Boston’s Nick Gray is an artist I had never heard of before, and I couldn’t help but explore the depths of his Soundcloud after playing “Jugglin” back a few times. Gray breathes fresh air over this beat by keeping it simple with a relaxed delivery. There’s also an inherent summer vibe to this track, making it a necessity as the season winds down.

Get your priorities straight and play “Juggling (For Nothin?)” above. Listen to more by Nick Gray here.

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