Joyce Wrice Sounds Soulful, Sincere on "Do You Love Me"

There’s something about a candid, stripped-down Youtube performance that feels like it’s magic. It’s a one-on-one experience between viewer and artist that comes as close as it can to actually having them perform in your living room. So when I was scouring IllRoots, desperate to find something to write about today, I immediately gravitated toward the thumbnail of a singer sitting on a barstool in a messy room with a grinning keyboardist at her side.

As Joyce Wrice launches into an acoustic rendition of her original song, “Do You Love Me,” her soulful inflections become even more genuine. It’s rare for an artist you’ve never heard of before to hook you in with just a voice and some keys, but after this video, I couldn’t help but track down Wrice’s Soundcloud for the full version of the track I just witnessed.

“Do You Love Me” appears on Wrice’s Stay Around EP, released earlier this summer. Over funk-infused production that sounds like a 2016 version of Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name,” Wrice comes off smooth yet unexpectedly aggressive. “Stop wasting my time,” she insists. As background vocals echo her message, the LA singer makes her feelings clear.

Check out the rest of Joyce Wrice’s Stay Around EP here.

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