Mafeni Excites on Debut Project, "enjoy"

A little over a month ago, I posted a track called “gold grillz” by a new artist named Mafeni. It was only the second track on Mafeni’s Soundcloud, and it promised potential for his next release.

Monday night, Mafeni finally shared new material. A seven-track project, enjoy highlights Mafeni’s strengths and furthers the individual sound he has begun to develop. Despite it being his debut project, Mafeni transcends his newcomer status through exciting melodies and the steady rhymes that got his first two songs stuck in my head for weeks to come.


One of enjoy‘s strongest tracks is the opener, “See You Soon.” Sneaking in references to Kanye lines, PETA, and fashion statements, Mafeni’s candid lyricism acts as an informal introduction to his world.

Another standout track, “Alice” boasts Mafeni’s versatility. He starts off singing in a lulled voice before launching into a stream-of-consciousness flow for the first verse. Mafeni makes these two styles his own, and they have become an essential part of his sound up to this point.

He kicks off “In A Strange Mood” by saying “as my beat selection reaches perfection,” a sentiment that rings true all throughout enjoy. New names like 80Sounds, KSto, and Bliss provide a roster of punchy beats that amplify Mafeni’s punchlines. Simultaneously channeling soul samples and 8-bit video games, this cohesive atmosphere allows the Nigerian-born wordsmith to thrive.

It’s clear that Mafeni had fun making these tracks, and as a result, it’s hard not to have the same reaction while listening to them—perhaps that’s where its simple title originates from. enjoy functions as a strong debut project from a artist whose barely gotten his feet wet, and he clearly does not plan on stopping anytime soon.


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