Cruise with The Last Artful, Dodgr on "Jelly Hunt"

Portland’s EYRST label has been hitting a hot streak lately, and The Last Artful, Dodgr stands as the latest artist to catch fire with her new track “Jelly Hunt.”

Over a laid back beat, Dodgr raspily bares her soul through potent rhymes. “Jelly Hunt” invites you to cruise through Los Angeles in a blue Impala, as the Portland-based rapper reminisces on her LA roots. Dodgr takes this track as a moment to let her mind run loose as jumpy organs play underneath her flows.

The track gets a boost from producer Neill Von Tally, who helped create the EYRST label. Recently, Dodgr and Von Tally also linked up with Myke Bogan this summer to form Rare Treat. The trio released a self-titled EP and further proved the EYRST label’s potential to break new ground in Portland’s rising hip-hop scene.

Dodgr’s own style becomes more apparent with every new track she drops, and on “Jelly Hunt,” she’s determined to tell her own story. Keep an eye out as Dodgr continues to gain momentum, along with her label of misfit Portland rappers who also have more stories to tell.

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