Nick Gray Teases Debut Album, "Northside"

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Nick Gray’s “Jugglin (For Nothin?) and the song immediately got stuck in my head. I couldn’t wait to hear more from the Boston artist whose addictive melodies and bouncy production made a perfect match.

It seems listeners like me won’t have to wait much longer, though, as Gray has just released an official teaser for his upcoming album, Northside. This project will be his debut album and will drop toward the end of September. The teaser alternates between shots of Gray laying down on a rooftop and aerial views of the Boston skyline. In the background, a twinkling synth builds with keys and a distant choir; the teaser cuts out just before it sounds like the beat is about to go in. Watch Gray’s new video above and keep your eyes open for Northside this month.

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