Prince of Toronto Releases Two New Singles

“This song is called clarify. It’s about wanting things to be clear,” Jackson Fishauf declares before launching into “Clarify,”one of the latest songs from his project Prince of Toronto. “Clarify” showcases Fishauf at his most aggressive yet most vulnerable at the same time. Bluesily pleading for answers to life’s greatest questions, his voice comes through with a sense of anxiousness. This track thrives off of barebones with overdriven guitar, bass, and drums escalating together to amplify the message.

The same can be said of Prince of Toronto’s second new song, “Why Do U Offer??.” With keys added into the mix, Fishauf picks up where he left off with help from drummer Dalton Howell and bassist Trevor Walker. The track gets more upbeat and takes on a new layer of distortion when the chorus hits.

With only a few tracks out since his debut as Prince of Toronto, Fishauf has shown growth with each new release, keeping listeners on their toes for what’s to come.

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