Listen To Famous Dex Boast About His "New Glock"

Chicago isn’t safe. The violence in the city is hitting milestones and breaking records at an alarming pace for the year. Chief Keef has long abandoned the streets; banned from the city and presumably fearing his own safety, Sosa fled leaving behind a flock of drill babies who’s first words were “bang bang”. But rap goes on.

At the head of the new generation of weirdo windy city rap is Famous Dex, the redhead joker menace of a rapper shooting just as many adlibs as bars at your face. Dex knows it isn’t safe out there, especially not with the cops. “New Glock” is a head bobbing, piano creeping anthem for protecting yourself and flexing your new toy on the gram. Dex bounces on the hook, shouting to fill every space on the beat. It’s the joy of running out on the block, the dangerous confidence that only comes with being strapped, “I’m fuckin’ 12, fuck the cops, ohmanngoddamm!”

Listen to “New Glock” featuring Ugly God below

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