Kid Cudi Shares Tracklist for Forthcoming Album

“From here I’ll let the music speak,” Kid Cudi tweeted last week, and it appears fans will be getting to hear his highly-anticipated album very soon. Today, Cudi shared the tracklist for his new record, tentatively titled Passion Pain & Demon Slayin, although that title does not actually appear. Broken up into 4-acts, it looks like the album will consist of 18 songs in total.

With titles like “Swim in The Light” and “Dance 4 Eternity,” it seems Cudi also has followed up on his claims that the album will be comprised of happier vibes. The features on this tracklist also add on to the anticipation with the likes of Andre 3000 (listed as Andre Benjamin), Willow Smith, Travis Scott, and Pharrell all making an appearance.

One particular title that stood out to me was “Kitchen” at the end of ACT 3: Niveaux de l’Amour. In an interview with Pharrell earlier this year, Cudi mentioned working on the original hook that ended up being used for Kanye’s song “Welcome To Heartbreak”:

Cooking up in the kitchen
Young boy had that vision
Had to get with it

These original lyrics, meant to be on Jay Z’s Blueprint 3, involve the theme of “that dope boy in the kitchen”. Perhaps “Kitchen” has a connection to this original hook, in light of Cudi’s recent tweets referencing Kanye not caring about him in the past. We’ll have to wait and hear.

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