ODIE Finds His Zen on "Dreams"

ODIE’s newest track couldn’t be more aptly titled. From it’s bouncy, primal intro to it’s soaring hook, “Dreams” paves a path into the Toronto artist’s melodic mind. His vocals exist as a full production, whether it be layers of harmonies or a hummed bassline to back his clever wordplay. Flanked by his frequent cohorts, producer UNITÉ and engineer Ya’qob, ODIE has delivered a hazy soundtrack to whatever you might be entranced by.

“Dreams” stands as one of the multiple solid singles that ODIE has released this year. His previous track, “Penny,” showcased a similar lightheartedness. This breezy vibe seems to be where ODIE ‘s music thrives the most, and his dynamic rhymes sound even more punctual when they’re delivered with such finesse.

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