Listen to Daryn Alexus' Nostalgic New Single, "Homesick"

Daryn Alexus has cooked up a recipe for reminiscing on her new single, “Homesick.” Drowned out organs set the scene as the Washington DC native recounts the fondest memories she has of her hometown, whether it be smelling her grandma’s cooking or calling her dad to pick her up after venturing too far into the night. She’s currently stationed in Chicago, and although she left home to go see the world, she can’t help but yearn for the days she left behind.

As the organs intensify, so do Alexus’ emotions. This symbiotic relationship between vocals and production is no doubt a result of her continuing work with producer Dee Lilly. The two musicians have been┬áreleasing material as part of The Wild Flower series for about a year now, and the naturalness of this collaboration shines on “Homesick.” It fits right into the vintage pop/soul sound that makes this song feel even more nostalgic. Lilly leaves room for Alexus’ raw songwriting abilities to flourish by restraining any instrument from becoming too overbearing. In the end, the song gets stripped back down to basics as the longing in Alexus’ words becomes even more real.

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