Lupe Fiasco and Gizzle Charge Up with "Jump"

The king of kick-push has had quite an extensive career. Lupe Fiasco is known both for his super hot nerd raps, and for once standing as the human blueprint of pop-rap. But “Jump,” the latest single from his upcoming album DROGAS Light, showcases Lupe leaving the sung hooks and bright melodies behind and trading them in for sounds of concentrated aggression. As Lupe puts it himself, this isn’t “that ‘Superstar’ shit, but something for the streets.

However, that doesn’t mean “Jump” can’t be a banger in its own right — in fact, it’s already one of the hardest, catchiest tracks to drop this year. And Lupe isn’t alone on this one. Gizzle, the rising artist who’s penned tracks for the likes of Travis Scott, Snoop Dogg, and plenty of other hitmakers, brings her best bars to the table. Her contribution adds a layer of intentional irony as well: in the song, Lupe tells a story about writing raps for a female “trapper” who wants to become a rapper, but in reality, Gizzle has made a name for herself by writing for some of hip hop’s biggest male stars. It’s exciting to hear more of Gizzle actually getting behind the mic, and this track definitely builds anticipation for her debut album (titled The Jump) expected this month.

The whole narrative that’s woven throughout “Jump” also highlights Lupe’s strength at telling stories through his bars, reminiscent in some part of his “Kick, Push” days. Meeting her on the street one day, offering to write her some verses, and then getting kidnapped by aliens might seem like a lot for one song to handle. But with Lupe’s expert-level word-smithing and Gizzle’s knack for potent hooks and memorable punchlines, you can’t help but feel like you’re a part of this ride.

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