Menace To $ociety -Balance: Light & Dark Part 1 Review

Being young is forever until it isn’t. You only got so much energy to chase girls, only so much time to count money, there’s only so much weed in the room. Las Vegas collective Menace To $ociety know to get it while you can, avoid the distractions, keep the real ones close, and the rest will (probably) work out.

menMenace To $ociety – Mason Liefreid, Francis Rivera, and Santino Rivera

The rap group released their new tape Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light late last year, and like cementing a new year’s resolution, the tape lays down the promise of how they plan on taking over in the new year. Their claims are loud and to the point – opening track “Power Moves” is about one thing: power moves (only). All three members contribute to the pen, spitting respectable bars over a creeping piano beat by TaylorKing. It’s a nice little intro that leaves no room for filler; power moves only, no room for weak moves or weak weed. And just like that, “power moves and I’m gone” the tape takes off further in the Las Vegas haze

Follow up track “Gotta Flex” covers the darker sides of Las Vegas and flexing too many moves on Instagram. “What a mess, what a mess…” repeats the bridge over the 90’s chrome of a beat. Once the cameras go off, they see the junkies and runners lurking through out their city. Gang lines divide the city, choppers are overhead, this isn’t GTA, this is their hometown. Here lies the group’s greatest strengths: taking moody, clean beats and adding fog to the atmosphere. Somehow, you can see a better picture of Vegas when it’s fogged up like this.


But this is the Light side tape and the glowing track behind these lights is the bedroom R&B track “Ride With Me”. Like a Lloyd hook melting down, the hook beckons to “ride with me, until the wheels fall off”. The verses are stressed, desperate, tired; what’s the point of getting to the top if the girl took a left turn half a mile down? The answers aren’t clear, paranoia is especially strung and noticed through out. It’s a complete contrast from the sunset of a hook, a balance of light and dark. But there is one confident voice here. His advice? If you’re in the dark in Vegas, ain’t much you got to do but “roll on, young god”.

Closing track “By Your Side” is a cute “One Dance”-esque bop that works more as exercising hook-singing abilities than a standout track. It’s a fun listen, but the main draw of this tape will be found in the filling middle tracks. Overall the tape exposes a talented rap group growing into their own styles and exploring subjects through a Vegas street lens. The tape is short and sweet at just 16 minutes so it can be explored front to back in under an hour. It’ll be interesting to see what production they’ll hop on next and how much darker they can take it.

Stream : Light below.

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