4 Reasons Why The Migos Have Finally Reached Their Full Potential

Since their 2009 formation, up to their latest album release, Culture, the Migos have always been giving denizens of the hip/hop and rap community, glimpses of their full potential. We’ve seen the early brillance of the group on songs like, “Versace”, “Fight Night”, “Pipe It Up”, and now, “Bad and Bougee”. As it stands with Culture, which seems not to contain a bad song, we see what we’ve always wanted from the rapping trio. Without a doubt, the release of popular single, “Bad and Bougee”, with addition to the release of their album, Culture, has put them on the next level of music stardom. Here are 4 reasons why this happened.



Migos have always been known to have, “how-did-they-think-of-that” kind of flows. Flows that have even attracted the likes of Drake for a remix of their then-popular song “Versace”. This was something that has never left the repetoire of The Migos. Having a new flow alone however can be hit or miss as seen on some of the not so popular Migos songs of their past projects. On Culture, Migos delivers these groundbreaking flows they are so known for. Each more different than the last and each equally as catchy. One of the three, or some combination of the three, paint colorful hooks that we often mimmick in our heads throughout the day, increasing the replay value of these songs (humming the “Bad and Bougee” rn actually). Songs like “T-Shirt” and “Slippery” harbor this very element that is so instrumental in what makes the Migos, Migos.



A common occurence of newer artists in this day and age is to pack a project full of songs. This could be to ensure at least a few hits will come out of the project, or maybe to display everything that was worked on from the start of the project to the finish. NO SCRAPS. This seems to be the case with Migos up until now. As an advocate of smaller albums Kanye’s polarizing, controversial, blah, blah, (add your own adjective), album, Yeezus, is perfect. Clocking in at about 40 minutes, Yeezus, is a 10 track project with emotional presence felt on every track. The appearance of a smaller album makes the importance of each song that much greater. Essentially, the great quality over quantity debate. Migos takes note of this on Culture. With a run time of 58 minutes and 13 tracks of pure flames, Migos has definitely taken their time with cooking this album up and serving us top quality.



Migos has been thrown in the somewhat dissmissive pit of rap, known as mumble rap. Familiars of the category, Young Thug and Future, have managed to climb their way out of the pit to reach their own levels of success (somewhat), but both at one point or another were hard to understand. The same has been true of Migos. Like every Migos song until now, the southern trio would use the same recipe. A comprehensible verse, usually by Quavo, surrounded by, barely (at best), comprehensible verses. This is not to call the songs of Migos’ past bad, “Fight Night”, “China Town”, etc. are anthems, but after awhile not being understood gets old. In Culture all three members can be clearly heard so we can know all about this culture they speak of.



…And finally. It’s all about timing, as someone more important than myself once said (not sure who, but they said it). They picked the perfect time to release Culture, and the perfect time to get the other three elements aligned. Migos has often been silently regarded as a group that could never release a good top to bottom, solid project, a group that represents the epitome of the passing trend of mumble rap. Doubters and haters alike counted them out. This very well could have been the last shot for the Migos. But, luck would have it, or timing in this case, they hit it out of the park. Album sales are projected to be at close to 80,000, making this project a BIG win for group. January happens to be the perfect time for a “sink or swim” kind of release as well. Someone has to set the bar for the year. Some shy away from that fact. Migos, however, have chosen to embrace this and start off our 2017 LIT AF.

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