Listen to Dia Frampton's Powerful Single, "Dead Man"

In a personal blog post last summer, Dia Frampton made it clear that she was out to make music strictly on her own terms. She wrote, “this album took five years to make and I swear I’m giving you every last thing I’ve got.”

Fast forward to now and Frampton’s new solo record, Bruises, sits just less than a week away. The rollout has been steady with a triumphant comeback single, “Golden Years,” followed by some more personal cuts. “Dead Man” stands as one of the boldest of her new singles. Right when the dramatic first verse leads into the hook, one might expect a thunderous layer of drums and synths to join the mix. However, contrary to what most pop songs would do at this point in a song, Frampton opts to slowly build the production and keep her vocals at the center of attention. Producer Dan Heath, known for his collaborations with Lana Del Rey and work as a film composer, keeps the orchestral accompaniment minimal yet powerful nonetheless.

Frampton and Heath show restraint on this one, and the result is powerful. Listen to “Dead Man” above, and keep an eye out for Bruises out March 3.

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