Lorde Teases New Music On The Way

Just last week, I remember asking myself “Where is Lorde?” It was a reasonable thing to wonder–after releasing Pure Heroine over three years ago, we’ve been living in a pretty complete drought with the exception of a few appearances here and there.

Scrolling through Twitter on Monday, it seemed like my question was about to be answered. Lorde dropped the first cryptic Tweet, and I knew we were about to eat good:

Directly after, Lorde shared a link to the website, which she has so far updated with 2 similarly mysterious teaser videos. The first one showed her and a driver sipping out of styrofoam cups and an upbeat instrumental on loop in the background. In the second video, she’s found walking along a fence at sunset, cars passing in the distance and the same loop playing for less than 10 seconds. The text that follows each of these teasers stands as the most promising piece of evidence that something big is around the corner: “3.2.17 NYC / 3.3.17 NZ”.

Signs point to a new single or album on the way, and whether or not the music playing in these clips is part of it all remains unclear. More hints are bound to reveal themselves over the next few days on Lorde’s new website at 8am in New Zealand and 2pm in NYC. Whatever we all may be waiting for, it definitely feels like the long wait is about to be over with.



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