Float with SerenaTheKid on "Crossing Roads"

On her new song “Crossing Roads”, rising Chicago-area soul artist SerenaTheKid draws inspiration from a relationship with a significant other who lived life at a different pace. She delivers lines about two people moving in separate directions and ultimately laments how she ever thought it could work out in the first place: “two destinations, how’d we end up crossing roads?” she’s left wondering regretfully.

Serena matches the somberness of her songwriting with hauntingly familiar RnB melodies and distant mumbles. Her effortless flow echoes Kehlani while her bold presence over the beat feels comparable to a SZA track. Over the short 2:33 loop, Serena layers vocals over a steady, unchanging instrumental resulting in a freestyle vibe. This freedom of structure lets listeners into her stream of consciousness as she recounts her former love.

“Crossing Roads” comes just as Serena nears 60,000 plays, and it’s the latest in a series of airy, poppy soul singles that she began sharing about a year ago. As she continues to give us glimpses of her talent, Serena keeps growing with each new release.



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