Preview: Conor Oberst @ The Vic Theatre on 9/9

Fresh off the release of his latest solo project, Salutations, Conor Oberst continues to bring his wholehearted folk ballads on the road. This Saturday, Oberst will be performing at The Vic Theatre in Chicago.

Last year, Oberst’s Ruminations peaked listeners’ interest with its rawness and stripped-down aesthetic; the former Bright Eyes frontman intended the project to act as a demo, recording vocals and all of the instrumentation on his own. Salutations follows up as the refined version of Ruminations in which Oberst has brought his original blueprints into final construction. However, even amongst the added production value, Oberst’s superb songwriting abilities and dynamic lyricism still resonate at the core.

As Oberst seamlessly merges personal narratives with a barefaced world view, his live performances further the connection that listeners vibe with in his music. Steady flowing verses rise into booming refrains that feel fit to belt at the top of one’s lungs. These songs were originally shared as unpolished demos, rejuvenated with a full band behind them, and are now ready to be enjoyed by hundreds in unison at the next Conor Oberst show.

Tickets available via Ticketfly.

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