J-Rey Bounces Back with "Full Throttle"

When we first met J-Rey over a year ago, he had just released his debut mixtape, Fading. Marked by introspective lyrics over airy, glistening production, the project found its bearings in its honesty, J-Rey setting himself apart with his ability to go bar-for-bar and still hold onto a listener’s attention.

On “Full Throttle”, J-Rey continues honing in on his style with added finesse. His voice possesses more conviction, his verses feel more concentrated, and the production sounds more complete. He confronts his demons with confidence, theming the song around learning from his experiences and moving forward. From fake friends to his mental health, the topics J-Rey covers may not be new, yet he still proceeds to add his personal touch to them. By the time the track fades into a soulful outro, it feels like only a glimpse into J-Rey’s mind as he continues building upon his strengths.

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