Chicago's Vee Miyagi & Illiad Explode on "Highs & Lows"

Following the release of his Big Wave project this summer, Chicago rap sensei Vee Miyagi has been on his grind. Vee gave us a glimpse of new material this Sunday with “Highs & Lows,” an explosive new track with fellow Chicago emcee ILLiad. The beat kicks off with a muffled sample leading into a jarring scream. Over a heavy drum loop and a pulsating bassline, the two artists trade bars back and forth. ILLiad comes in with a chopper-like flow; Vee rides the beat with his signature slow-flow. Every word positioned with precision, the duo sound especially menacing as they boast about soaring to heroic heights.

ILLiad has teased visuals with Vee in the works, so expect more material from these two Chicago wordsmiths in the near future.

Check out our teaser for Vee’s Big Wave here.


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