Grace Weber Shows Beautiful Restraint on "More Than Friends"

After lending her voice to Chance The Rapper for¬†Coloring Book opener, “All We Got,” singer-songwriter Grace Weber has shared her own solo track, “More Than Friends.” Backed by sweet trumpets and acoustic guitar courtesy of The Social Experiment, Weber delivers more of the layered, pitched vocals that initially caught listeners’ ears when she sang on “All We Got.” However, her own rasp-infused, clear lead vocals are now the main attraction and Weber proves that she can hold her own on this track. There’s a little soul, a little indie and a little of something refreshing that comes through when she graces the mic.

The quality that gives this record replay value for me is not so much about what Weber brings to the table, but what she decides to leave out. There are no drums, no¬†unexpected production elements and no gimmicky synth breaks. Instead, Weber and The Social Experiment add just enough elements to keep the song interesting while maintaining a level of beautiful subtlety. If “More Than Friends” is any indication of more to come, Weber sounds like she’s onto something special.

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