Filipino Indie Band Memory Drawers Makes Music for Staring at Clouds

Just out of curiosity about what the indie scene is like in the Philippines, I did a quick Google search on the train one day and stumbled upon a Buzzfeed list of 15 Filipino Indie Bands. As I made my way down the list, Memory Drawers’ fuzzy, sticky melodies caught my ear.

On “Maybe,” every sound gets placed deep in the mix and blends together into a blissful mishmash of lo-fi vocals and reverberating production. The result is a sonic sketch of what it feels staring up at wispy clouds floating across a hazy sky. Guitar riffs drift in a circle, and the band brightens up the track with a subtle but blissful xylophone accompaniment. The steady drums illicit an energy that keeps the song from falling into limbo without disrupting the dreamy atmosphere. Airy vocals capture a relationship fading away. “Maybe” wallows in moments of insecurity, bringing about fits of head-bopping fun in the process.

So, go outside, find a big soft bed of green grass to lay on and give Memory Drawers a listen. Or, if you’re somewhere that’s getting cold now (like me), let “Maybe” conjure up a montage of your bittersweet summertime memories.

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