Billie Eilish Shares New Track, "bitches broken hearts"

After concluding the first leg of a heavily sold-out global tour, 15-year-old pop songstress Billy Eilish doesn’t look like she’s wasting any time. Today, Eilish surprised listeners with “bitches broken hearts,” her first new track since dropping her don’t smile at me EP earlier this year.

On “bitches broken hearts,” Eilish remains restrained, sticking to the more breathy, delicate side of her vocal register. The song itself sits in a drone of cloudy keyboards as the young songwriter weaves a vengeful narrative: “I guess every now and then it fits me that I’m the one that got away,” she sings. An occasional low-pitched echo backs Eilish’s vocals, adding a layer of murkiness underneath her bitterness. Toward the end of the song, her intonations become so fragile that each word feels like a piece of thin ice on the verge of shattering.

With just one official EP under her belt, Eilish has already established a signature sound that resonates with both mainstream and indie pop fans. “bitches broken hearts” may be more on the chill side compared to some of the tracks on don’t smile at me, but the melodies and production style still fit within the same realm of trap-influenced percussion and smooth, textbook pop melodies. This track was produced by Emmit Fenn and co-produced by Billie’s brother Finneas, who’s worked on all of her music so far.

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