"Skrrt" with North Carolina Rapper Frais on his New Track

North Carolina rapper Frais skrrts across twinkling synth-scapes and booming basslines on his latest single. He keeps things light on “Skrrt”, crafting clever flows and flexing without taking himself too seriously. As Migos-esque ad-libs echo in between bars, Frais’ verses land with sharp one-liners and effortless delivery. Producer Charlie Shuffler conjures up echoes of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road soundtrack with glistening sound effects scattered throughout the mix.

Frais’ Soundcloud boasts some considerably viral accomplishments with his most popular song “LETS GET IT” amassing 298K plays. There’s no doubt the Charlotte native has hitmaking-potential. “Skrrt” seems to check all the boxes for another breakout single with a catchy hook and a memorable beat combined with Frais’ confident persona which stands out from the rest of the “Soundcloud rapper” noise.

Stream the track above and check out the rest of Frais’ Soundcloud here.

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