Atlanta's Pollàri Drops Sinister New Single & Video, "Nu Foreign"

Distorted in a VHS-style haze, Atlanta’s Pollari and crew stunt outside an LA mansion in his latest video. “Nu Foreign” showcases the burgeoning artist’s syrupy vocals over sinister sounding post-trap production. Layers of ad-libs add to the pure aggression on this track, bringing a sharp edge to Pollari’s cunning wordplay.

The visual’s match the mischievous vibe of this track, featuring blurry close-ups of Pollari adorned in a black hoodie, basking in shades of red and violet light or sitting next to a girl on the edge of a pool. He dances in front of a camera with a Louis Vuitton duffle bag at his side as his squad stands on the balcony of the massive estate in the background.

Pollari has continuously been gaining momentum since his 2014 debut with Playboi Carti. With rumors circulating about him hitting the studio with Kanye West last month, and a suspicious GOOD Music lanyard that popped up on his Twitter (the tweet has since been deleted), it looks like Pollari’s gearing up to make bigger moves. He’s dropped a laundry list of songs via Soundcloud this year, and with the menacing “Nu Foreign” under his belt, Pollari’s sonic repertoire keeps on growing.

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