17-Year-Old Artist Jelani Aryeh Drops New Song, "Lavender Love"

At only 17 years old, California artist Jelani Aryeh has dropped his debut EP, Suburban Destinesia, been featured heavily on Pigeons & Planes and launched his own art collective, Raised By The Internet. Aryeh’s portfolio continues to grow with the release of his new single, “Lavender Love.”

A solemn ballad on the brink of heartbreak, “Lavender Love” is rooted in fits of yearning and unguarded honesty. These same qualities allowed Aryeh’s Suburban Destinesia project to leave a lasting impression on listeners; the young songwriter demonstrated a knack for taking his ordinary experiences and crafting them into tracks that anybody could vibe with. Aryeh names Kevin Abstract and Frank Ocean among his musical influences, and the same kind of vulnerability which those two artists exemplify also resonates in Aryeh’s music. On “Lavender Love,” a sense of fragility materializes in Aryeh’s unsteady vocals as he comes to terms with a relationship in turmoil.




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