Pivot Gang's Frsh Waters Shines on "Piss Po' " feat. Jean Deaux

PIVOT Gang partner-in-crime Frsh Waters wastes no time on his latest song. He launches into his verse on “Piss Po’ ” with a razor-sharp cadence, pointing his blade at any fakes who might be lurking around. Whether he’s shouting out Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen or paying homage to hip-hop legends Crucial Conflict and Do or Die, Frsh’s lyrics couldn’t be any more Chicago. Although he only has a handful of material released so far, he carries the presence of a seasoned pro on this track.

Things heat up even more when fellow Chicagoan and rising artist Jean Deaux hops on the mic. “I’m on the internet, but I have been a threat,” she opens her scathing verse. Deaux runs laps around the beat, constantly switching up her flow and fitting in words wherever she can for maximum impact. Frsh’s and Deaux’s rapid-fire inflections get elevated by booming production supplied by none other than Chicago’s own Saba. He keeps the beat fairly minimal, consisting of a tribal-influenced plucking sound, trap snares and hats, and a roaring bassline.

Frsh tweeted that “Piss Po'” is the first of a series he calls “Frsh Fridays.'” With that said, expect more from the PIVOT Gang member very soon. Also, catch Frsh, Saba, Joseph Chilliams & more PIVOT members performing in honor of their friend John Walt at John Walt Day on November 25.


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