Boston Producer Rilla Force Makes "RnBDM" in an Era of Genre Fusion

At a time when genre labels have become more fluid than ever before, Boston producer Rilla Force seeks to make a name for himself off his brand of Rnb-EDM-infused bangers.

His debut EP, appropriately titled R N B D M, introduced listeners to his eclectic sonic palette. On songs like “Sea,” Rilla plays contemporary RnB melodies mixed with trap/EDM inflections reminiscent of a Hudson Mohawke production. The rolling drums form bounce-inducing rhythms tailor-made for the club and underscore layers of chopped up vocal samples. An unlikely combination of soulful piano breaks and PC-music effects add depth to the smooth soundscape–think Cashmere Cat with a more soulful vibe.

Rilla’s latest song, “Telefone,” features heavy bass and a twisted vocal loop taken from “Hotline Bling.” It’s a strong demonstration of Rilla’s style that can’t be put in a box but still feels like something most listeners can recognize and enjoy.

After 13 years of producing, Rilla has decided to stay focused on building his repertoire and announced he’s going to pursue music full-time. Peep his GoFundMe Page if you like what you hear and be on the lookout for more from the up-and-coming producer.

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