Chicago’s Ausar Flows and Finesses on “Wholetime”

Chicago rapper Ausar lets the mind run free on his newest track. “Wholetime” spotlights the young artist’s pure rapping chops, his flows evolving with every bar and every word spilling out of his mouth with a sense of purposeful easiness. As he gives each line its necessary emphasis, it feels like Ausar is carefully reciting his poetry. He’s a craftsman in his element, and “Wholetime” seems more like an exercise of his skills than an attempt at dropping a hit song. Nonetheless, the understated lo-fi loop supplied by producer Andre Joyner makes for a catchy, laidback beat for Ausar to flex over.

On the song’s last leg, singer/producer Plainro graces the mic to synthesize the truths Ausar has put on the table. “I’m fully focussed now; I just need to keep believing it’s time,” he sings. It’s an apt maxim for Ausar’s position in the Chicago hip-hop scene right now. After making waves for the past couple of years with projects like Lazarus and, more recently, Growth, the up-and-coming rapper has proven a knack for spoken-word style rap with an edge of precisely concentrated flows that are sometimes too jam-packed to comprehend on first listen. With an underdog status preceding him, “Wholetime” demonstrates that the door is open for Ausar to make even more serious gains in the Chicago rap game.



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