Stream Dani Isaily's Fiery Debut EP, "Disrupt"

R&B singer and Chicago artist Dani Isaily takes command on her new EP. Disrupt is a fiery, no-bullshit debut project rooted in R&B with alternative, electronic and gospel inflections. At the center of this soulful mishmash is Isaily’s aptitude for coalescing the strong with the sensual, delivering slippery vocals that also carry a sense of self-assuredness–a surprising quality for an artist to have on their first project.

Production wise, Isaily doesn’t need much to shine. In fact, the EP’s highlights rely on the most minimal production. On “Rough,” her classic RnB melodies are backed by an acoustic guitar and a warm bassline that leave room for her vocals to be the main attraction. She sings with layers of harmony as the song’s hook builds, sounding like a one-woman jam session. On Lawless, Isaily sticks to her RnB songwriting skills while also channeling some badass bluesy vibes. A menacing guitar riff forms the body of the track as Isaily’s vocals take on a more reckless tone.

As far as subject matter goes, Isaily exposes institutionalism and injustice through scathing lyricism. She most clearly explores these themes on the EP’s charged-up closing track, “High Society.” Isaily issues a call-to-arms anthem, proclaiming, “let’s rewrite the rules.” At the same time, the Chicago soul singer takes us to church with Sunday morning organs blaring through the mix and 808s punching with refreshing force.

Throughout Disrupt, Isaily makes the meaning of the project’s namesake abundantly clear. It’s a promising debut and an auspicious look inside the Chicago artist’s worldview. Stream Disrupt above and stay tuned for more from Dani Isaily.

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