Listen to Atlanta Artist Roland on "Forza 4"

Outside of his mother, many people would not know Atlanta-based artist Roland. The young rapper has dropped just under a dozen tracks on his Soundcloud this year. For the majority of his tracks, Roland self-produces his own beats. Using very vibrant, colorful production to go along with his unique flow.

Roland’s track “Forza 4” is another self-produced banger. Allowing time for his beat to sink in before Roland’s voice comes onto the track, it starts off rather generic as he repeats several lines over and over. The true greatness of this song comes from when Roland allows for his bars to take over the song instead of the beat. He raps about his search for fame and money, how he wants to get rich enough to buy anything for his mom but also feels like the chase for girls and fame is driving him to the point where he needs help.  The beat soon picks up again and we’re left to listen to the euphoric instrumental as the final minute of the song concludes.

Currently “Forza 4” is Roland’s most popular song with over four thousand plays on Soundcloud and Youtube

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