Blast Off with Sundé on "Crash Nebula"

Following the release of her Eureka mixtape earlier this year, Chicago-based artist Sundé has been keeping busy as evidenced by her new single, “Crash Nebula.” The track features the 19-year-old songwriter in her element, letting melodies run freely and her rhymes constantly evolve as the song continues. Engaged in this stream of consciousness, Sundé’s warbling, mumbly vocal style becomes the focal point. She allows a listener to focus more on the overall melodic vibe she’s creating as opposed to picking apart every single lyric. Producer 5HERiFF supplies the consequential soundscape for Sundé to shine on, with layers of whirring synths and steady percussion punctuating her flows. A nod to Timmy Turner’s favorite outer-space superhero, “Crash Nebula” floats at galactic levels as Sundé leaves us in a daze once again.

Artwork by Aimee Gerhardt

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