Chicago's Keeko Returns with "Whats Wrong (I Don't Know)"

When I first came across Keeko on his song “Dark-skin Marksmen,” his standout attribute was his craftiness. His ability to drop three solid verses in one song (an uncommon feat in rap right now,) and his knack for stringing together memorable melodies fueled the shots he was firing at “trash rap.” Those same qualities reverberate on the young Chicago rapper’s newest track, “Whats Wrong (I Don’t Know),” while he also gets more introspective.

Keeko explores the pains of being stuck in a creative rut, attempting to get those feelings out in the booth. He touches on the pressures of creativity that drain on his everyday life, rapping, “since I’ve been in college, I’ve been more involved with arguing with my self-conscious.” But it’s more than just artistic frustration that he bears on his shoulders. “The other day I thought I almost lost my mama,” he begins the second verse. Throughout the entire track, Keeko jam-packs his bars with personal anecdotes, writing lines that describe scenes with vivid humility.

Still in college and with a year’s worth of material on his Soundcloud, Keeko continues to grow with each new release. Keep an eye out for more from the up-and-coming Chicago rapper soon.


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