DaBaby Drops New Project "Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t"

Charlotte’s own DaBaby has dropped his third project of the year with “Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t.” DaBaby, formerly known as Baby Jesus, has amassed a strong following the past two years after tracks like “Pull Up Music”, “Comin’ Over” and his very popular track “Light Show.” His big break, however, came after a video surfaced of the young rapper walking around the most recent SXSW just a diaper.

On “Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t,” DaBaby relies heavily on himself, with only one track featuring another artist. In the past, DaBaby had used big name features such as Boosie BadAzz and fellow Charlotte rapper Deniro Farrar as a way to promote his album. To go along with his mainly solo album, DaBaby also includes several self-produced tracks. On the sole feature, however, Dababy had Atlanta artist Money Man on “Above The Rim.”  

At its core “Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t” is twelve easy to listen to trap songs. But DaBaby includes several bars with meaning. On the song “Number 2,”  DaBaby goes deep rapping about raising his nieces and encouraging them to do well in school. Tracks like “Gorilla Glue” and “Mr. Clean” are amazing bangers that have already become some of DaBaby’s most streamed tracks.

With twelve straight bangers, you may not get any deep meaning out of “Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t” but it is worth the listen, many of these tracks are crafted well with superb production.

Check out “Back on my Baby Jesus Sh!t” now on Spotify or Soundcloud



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