Chicago’s Vee Miyagi Drops New Song & Video, "This Happens"

Chicago rapper Vee Miyagi returns today with a brand new track and an accompanying video. “This Happens” once again demonstrates Vee’s pure rapping abilities as he spits some of his hardest bars to date. His lyrics carry a reinvigorated sense of hustle, feeling like a slap in the face that’s simultaneously stinging and refreshing. Playing off his Karate Kid sensei moniker, he drops lines like “rappers these days just be for the promo; I kick the door, split brick in the dojo.”

The visuals for “This Happens” keep it simple and show Vee stunting around New York and bringing it back to Chicago for the final scene. Director Jpeg doesn’t rely on gimmicky special effects or a cliche shaky camera to make Vee pop on camera, and instead, Vee’s enigmatic presence is enough to keep a viewer hooked to the song.

Checkout Vee’s album Big Wave and peep the teaser I shot with him this summer here.

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