Who Is Prince Pastel? Listen to New Song "Arizona" by Miles Canady

Miles Canady caps the year by releasing what he calls in a recent tweet, his best song by far, “Arizona”. The song’s title is a salute to Arizona Tea, not Arizona the state. Still, with Canady’s quick-hot delivery and the scorching drum pattern in the instrumental, you can feel all that Arizona heat.


Miles runs through the track with a flow that exudes confidence, almost as if he knows this song will stick and to be honest, he’s not wrong. The song also has its share of material to bring to Google. With references to Nick Nolte from 1991 film The Prince of Tides and clean drink term Arnold Palmer, Miles plans to culture the uncultured. However, “Arizona” serves as more than just a witty feel good track. Canady uses the song to introduce his alter ego Prince Pastel. “I wrote this to be my Prince Pastel character’s theme music…” Miles shares through Twitter DM. “It captures his personality and everything he likes; Arizona Tea, BMWs, the color pink, and a lot more.” Canady goes on to say “Prince Pastel is a manifestation of my confidence and ego. He’s Miles’ complete opposite basically.” With getting to know Prince Pastel on this song you begin to put together the pieces of his opposite, Miles. Miles could be more in his head, more of an introvert or more humble than what his alter ego displays. Either way Miles displays charisma and song making prowess all throughout “Arizona”. A kind of song that everyone will like.


Miles Canady isn’t stopping anytime soon. With eyes set to 2018 he shares news of what’s to come in the near future. “For 2018 I’m releasing an EP that includes this song and my previous single “FaceTime”. I’m generally releasing more music that’ll leave fans of both my pop and more serious sound satisfied.” Listen to “Arizona” below:

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